Deena is a kind, patient instructor who helped me embrace yoga (from someone who previously dreaded any mention of yoga, this is an especially powerful testament to her warm and welcoming teaching style). She showed me that yoga does not have to be overly serious or difficult- it can be whatever I need it to be in the moment!
— Riti S, New York [Primary Wellness Studio]
5 words to describe how Deena’s class makes me feel: balanced, smooth, peaceful, clear, and calm. Thank you!
— Deb S, Philadelphia [Race Street Pier Summer Series]
Bowery House Rooftop Summer Series
I have absolutely loved every class I attended with Dee! I am really hoping for some fall am classes - esp Mondays it would be so nice to start the week off that way. I also think it would be a really cool space for one off more intensive workshops, perhaps a restorative?
THANK YOU for providing high quality and affordable classes in such a beautiful space :)
— Sara Q, NYC [Bowery House Summer Series]