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I am passionate about curating an unique experience for each individual based on their specific goals and desires incorporating my knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, and reiki healing techniques. Meditation sessions can be scheduled for in person or via Zoom (FaceTime).

*Packages are also available. If you are ready to take our relationship to the next level, let's connect. You can also send me a note at


Through physical asana movements and breath work we integrate the mind and body. Sessions are balanced and creative with the intention of guiding you through a journey of self discovery as we build an ongoing relationship with one another and the yoga practice.


Meditation sessions are designed to be a blend of education, mindfulness techniques, and practice. Packages are suggested and these sessions can be scheduled in person or via Zoom (FaceTime). 


Rei (Universal) / Ki (Life Energy) - Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and the promotion of healing. Reiki relaxes the nervous system so the body can restore it's natural energies. As a healer, my role is to allow the universal life energy to travel through me and travel to you, where the energy is needed.

Private, 1::1 sessions will have a preliminary consultation followed by a gentle, hands-on energy technique used for aura cleansing, stress reduction and relaxation. The aura is a distinctive, yet intangible field of energy that surrounds all living things and consists of all our thoughts, feelings, experiences and energies that flow through the body.

In group sessions, you will be guided through a series of hand positions on your body as we move through a self-reiki chakra routine. The chakras are energy centers are associated with the physical, emotional, and mental power of a person and serve as entry points for the reiki energy.


Private Events

My mission is to make yoga accessible for every body (and mind!). Customizable creative practices for all ages- friends, family, parties, colleagues, etc. are designed to create space in body + mind,  enhance sense of self awareness and improve mindfulness on and off the mat. In this unique style of group work in, we'll practice letting go of judgmental feelings toward ourselves and others incorporating knowledge of yoga, mindfulness, and reiki healing techniques.

  • Office Yoga + Meditation

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Wedding Parties

  • Birthday Parties

  • Camp/Teen Yoga

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Provide an opportunity for yourself, loved one, family and/or friends to unite in the spirit of a loving community and create a peaceful space where we will practice heart opening and gratitude amidst chaos and stress that is typical during this time. Learn to maintain your radiance and center with techniques to release tension & stress and increase health + happiness for this special occasion.

Personalized creative practices are designed to fit individual desires.
*Rates will vary due to group size, accommodations needed, and travel expenses.



On-site yoga + meditation offered to employees is designed to blend into the workday as an opportunity to help employees refocus and continue their day positively + productively. Benefits include improved and clear communication with team members + ability to deal with daily stressors effectively creating space for clear focus on individual + company goals. Additionally helps to promote feelings of self worth and appreciation.

Customizable packages are designed to fit unique company needs. Availability to incorporate weekly + monthly sessions.