Creating Space

Life in NYC seems to always go, go, go. Do this. Do that. 

Must try 16 best new restaurants in Manhattan. 

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*Real subject headlines from emails I received this morning.

Between work, friends, eating, exercising, do you ever have time to check in with yourself?

I realized after burning out the 2nd time in my 20's, I needed to take a step back and ask myself what is truly important to me. I have to create space and time for those things that I value. When I skip over savasana or yoga all together, I am creating the confirmations that I don't really value these things as much as I want to. 

What am I doing instead of these things? And why? 

The answer is, find what you value, where your true happiness stems from and create the space. Create the time and space not only in your day, but in body and mind. The moment you make space for the things you truly value, the sooner you feel inspiration to keep going. Keep creating more space and you will find it's easier to breathe. You will free yourself of all the clutter that is filling up your time.

You'll start to notice more and more about yourself.

About your mind and about your body.

Listen to your self :) 

One Pose, Three Ways

Check out my newest feature in YogaCityNYC's One Pose-Three Ways

Breaking it down: Vrksasana // Tree Pose

Tree pose is a standing balancing posture that has many benefits. It builds strength and confidence, improves concentration and coordination, creates a sense of poise, the list goes on.


For me, finding balance is an essential component of a full life on and off the mat. In NYC we are constantly on the go go go ­doing, thinking, working, playing, interacting with others and technology. Stimulated. 

Balancing postures (and balancing daily activities with introspective moments) we practice being rather than doing. Increasing our own self awareness and confidence by slowing down and being present, we connect with the un-investigated parts within ourselves to become more whole.

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