Who am I?

Yoga is the science of liberating the soul.

Through consciousness, we integrate the mind and body.  And lucky for us, the many other side benefits of practicing yoga - health, happiness, peace & poise, are pretty great too ;).

I have been practicing yoga for six years and embracing the sweet journey that keeps me balanced and enabling me to be self aware and continuously learn every day. Finding balance and practicing mindfulness is an essential part of life, and in the extreme abundance that exists in New York City, yoga is my grounding. 

Yoga is for everyone and my mission is to share my gratitude for and knowledge of what yoga is and to make yoga accessible for every body - and mind. Through physical asana movements and breath work we integrate the mind and the body. A regular yoga practice is proven to improve health, happiness, poise and overall well being. 

It always helps to remember it's called yoga practice, not perfect :).

Photo by Melinda Diorio, melindadiorio.com


The Power of Voice, UpLevel Yoga Teacher Training, mentored by Gioconda Parker, Fall 2016

Shamanic Reiki II Certification, Mind Body Spirit, by Jonathan Hammond, October 2016

Reiki I Certification, Balanced Moments by Michal Spiegelman, September 2016

Wanderlust Voyager Program, 200 RYT Training, completed June 2015:

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance